Labour standards and Human rights policy

Introduction and Purpose:
“Lights & Lamps” recognises the immense value of its employees as crucial contributors to the company's success. The organisation is committed to fostering a workplace that encourages employees to reach their full potential within an open and inspiring environment. This policy aims to establish and uphold high standards, ensuring a fair, respectful, and safe working environment for all “Lights & Lamps” employees, regardless of their location.

This policy is applicable globally to the management, employees, and contract workers across all entities within “Lights & Lamps”. In joint ventures or distribution agreements where “Lights & Lamps” is a non-controlling shareholder, other shareholders are informed about the policy's significance and encouraged to adopt similar standards. For new minority joint ventures, “Lights & Lamps” strives to ensure the commitment of other shareholders to this policy or a comparable standard.



“Lights & Lamps” prohibits any discrimination based on various factors, such as race, colour, gender, religion, and more, in all employment-related decisions.

Forced Labour:

The company strictly prohibits all forms of forced labor, including bonded, indentured, or slave labor, and human trafficking.

Child Labour:

“Lights & Lamps”does not tolerate the employment of child labor, setting a minimum employment age of 15 or the legal minimum age, whichever is higher.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining:

The company respects employees' rights to join or not join a labor union and engage in collective bargaining without fear of reprisal.

“Lights & Lamps” is committed to protecting workers from any form of harassment, ensuring a safe and respectful workplace.

Working Hours, Benefits, and Wages:

Adherence to applicable laws or industry standards regarding minimum wages, working hours, overtime, and benefits.

Employees must not work more than 60 hours a week regularly, and overtime wages must be paid promptly.

Commitment to continuous employee development and career advancement opportunities.


Provision of sick leave, annual holiday, and parental leave in accordance with national legislation.

Employee Contracts/Letters:

All employees must receive a written, understandable, and legally binding employment contract/letter.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Managing Directors and regional/local management ensure policy implementation and compliance.

Group HR oversees policy implementation, provides advice on labor and human rights, and conducts audits.

Group Sustainability advises on policy content and communicates policy efforts to external stakeholders.

All employees are responsible for adhering to the policy, engaging in initiatives aligned with the policy, and ensuring local compliance.


No exemptions from the policy unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Exemption requests must be made in writing to the policy owner for assessment and documentation.

Policy Revision:

Regular reviews are conducted to ensure the policy's continued relevance and adequacy, with the flexibility to amend as needed.

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